Monday, September 5, 2016

Day 74: Another River Side Ride

Grangeville, ID to Riggins, ID
Daily Mileage: 47.7
Total Mileage: 4,229.8
Average Speed: 13.1 MPH
Elevation Gain: 4,141 ft
You hear the quick clatter of footsteps gaining on your tent. Something four legged is sprinting at top speed. Then in an instant in stops. There is a snarl immediately after the sprint ends and then the beast is off again, this time heading away from your tent.
I heard this multiple times while starring at the ceiling of my tent. The temperate is a perfect morning chill that commands me to stay laying underneath the synthetic fabric of my sleeping bag. But there is no use trying to catch a few more z's while Wally continues to play fetch with Raven.
She is only a puppy and has the energy of a child who has just discovered War Heads and insist on trying all the flavors.
So we're up and at em, packing up for another day on the road.
I had wanted to get to New Meadows today, but it was up one big final hill, one that looked close to yesterday's bohemth so we all mutually opted against it. 
We ended up 48 miles down the road to Riggins, ID, back in Mountain time zone, but not before another ride to remember.
Only a mile or so out of town, Marion took the express route up the "new" highway 95 while David, Wally and I chose the older highway on the Transam.
It was a gorgeous climb up at a nice gradient that didn't kill you, but just squeezed your quads to let you know it's there... Like your dad used to do when you first starting sitting in the front seat. That couldn't have just been the Michalek's?
After that lovely 10 miles we stopped at the top for snacks and a drink.
We made our way down and BAM, the world opened up. This time dad grabs hard at your quad and this time you know he's there and your smiling and laughing along with him.
The old highway connected with the new and we continued down the descent at top speeds. We were supposed to go back on the old highway after a mile, but we missed the turn. It looks like a million switchbacks and I was happy on the new highway to be able to let go of the brakes and let gravity do its thing.
Downhill Chub
We rolled around under this bridge back on to the Transam and we are once again one with a River.
Under the bridge downtown
Gorgeous Salmon River river than has clearly cut down the mountains year after year.
Some how we were managing to go downhill and upstream which made the ride a synch.
That was until, bump, bump, bump.
I could feel it instantly. It was a slow progression from light bumps to hard, but I knew it was a flat. I hopped off my bike to examine the tire and it was clear as day. There was some store not too far up head and I couldn't, or more apt, shouldn't change my tired on this small shoulder.
I walked Jasper down the highway while Wally stayed just behind me.... Keeping me safe. Wally is a really great guy.
We reached the store and it turned out to be fresh produce. While I fixed the flat, Marion, David and Wally all came out at different times sucking down fruit and licking the juice off their fingers.
Jasper's back leg was back to new and now it was my turn.
There was some amazing fresh plums at this market for only a few dimes. They were also sampling this tomato that was deep red on the inside. Seasoned with salt, it was the best thing I've ever tasted. I bought myself one for a soon to be tuna and tomato sandwich.
Marion went on ahead to check out the next town only a few miles away. We found him in an RV park talking to the woman who works here wearing a Winterfell shirt. Hell yeah, KING OF THE NORTH!
It was a short day, but I saw texts flashing up on my phone and knew I finally had service after the whole ride with none. I wouldn't usually care, but tonight is the 4th year of my work fantasy football league, so I had to have service for that.
$10 bucks per head on this beautiful lake was ok with me. I only a spent a dollar for fruit so the sandwich for lunch and ramen for dinner, it was an awesome $11 day!


  1. Congrats, great journey and enjoying the updates. What make & model tent is that. Nice!

    1. Thanks!!!!

      It's the MSR Elixir 2. 2 person tent with two vestibules. I love it. Free standing so I can set it up on any surface