About Me

My name is Matthew Michalek and I just completed my self supported tour across the United States from NYC to Seaside Oregon the summer of 2016!

I am a 26 year old civil engineer living in New York City. I always loved cycling as a kid, but it was lost on me as I got my license, went to college and then moved into the city. A few years after the move, in an effort to save money, I borrowed my dad's bike for my commute to work. It only took one ride to remind myself how much I loved the freedom of riding a bike. Read my first blog post for more on my re-introduction to cycling.

While reading this blog you will see my first hand encounters with the joys and sometimes frustrating experiences with cycling. I hope to entertain you with the aggravation of maintaining your own bike (and giving up and going to the shop), but more importantly, excite you about the thrills that come with each ride. Maybe even getting you on a bike yourself!

This blog is currently dedicated to preparing and actually doing the cross country tour, I fully expect cycling to become a big part of my life in the future. Whether it is continued touring, racing, mountain biking, whatever; I hope you enjoy following along!

Last, but not least, I would like to remind everyone to donate to the Alzheimer's Association. My cross country tour is in memory of my grandmother who passed away from Alzheimer's disease. You can read more about that story here. Even though the tour is over, you can always show your love and support by donating.

Get on your bikes and ride!

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