Who are you going with? 
This is a solo trip!

Where are you staying? 
I am staying with a few friends for a couple of nights, but mostly I will be camping out in the woods with the exception of a few campsites I planed out.

Where are you starting and ending?
It is typical for cross country riders to dip their rear wheel in the Atlantic Ocean and front wheel in the Pacific to signify the cross country trip (or vice versa if going west to east). So I will be starting in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York to dip in the Atlantic and finishing just outside of Portland, Oregon to take a dip in the Pacific.

How many long is the trip and how many miles do you plan to ride each day?
The trip is around 4300 miles and I plan to ride 65 miles a day.

How are you carrying all of your stuff?
Everything will be carried on my bike using panniers (side bags) and the tent and sleeping bag will be on the back of the bike as well.

What are you doing for food?
I have a little stove that runs off unleaded gas. I will be having oats, peanuts, peanut butter sandwiches, dried fruit for breakfast and pasta, canned tuna, jerky for dinner. I will be stopping for lunch to get to know the locals and eat some great food.

What is your route?

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