Sunday, July 31, 2016


Ordway, CO to Pueblo, CO  

  Daily Mileage: 53.8  
  Total Mileage: 2,627.1  
  Average MPH: 12.9  
  Elevation: 622 ft  

  MSquared Velo Snapchat Day 42  

Dude Robot (Michael Riscica) and my sticker in Gillian's trailer. Let's start a wall of fame!!
    That's a wrap on week 6! A month and a half and I have made it to the Rockies. Yes, I see them. They are far but I see them and they look inviting. No more nonstop pedaling and open skies, now it's time to kick it back up a notch and climb The Rocky Mountains!  

Bye bye flatlands!
  I will undoubtably miss the easy pedaling through Kansas and Eastern Colorado, but it was getting redundant and I am ready to struggle up some hills if it means gorgeous views and flying back down said hill.  

 We said our farewells to Gillian complete with a hug and made our way to the grocery store to stock up on snacks and Gatorade.   

I can't see a thing
  Today is Mike and my last day riding together so we never left each other's side. Even after Mike got a flat after lunch in a location with no sun. I stood, helped where I could, and rocked out to a few songs while he struggled with not pinching the tube in the tire. This can cause flats.  

  And what do ya know... Only 17 miles to go, we make it 7 and Mike's tire is going flat again... But hey, more time to rock out and bake in the sun!  

  I gotta tell ya, Mike is getting better and quicker at this!  

 We rode out for the last 10 miles to our warm showers host, Savre, in Pueblo. But wait! An ice cream shop! We made the obligatory stop.  

 We showed up to Savre's and began helping prepare dinner. While Savre cooked, I changed my bike chain. I didn't bring my chain measuring tool to tell if it was totally worn out, but at over halfway I figured I would change it now since I have the spare (I am keeping the other chain for spare parts). I also want to be fresh for my Mount Evans climb.   

 Dinner was beer battered zucchini, mushrooms, shrimp and fish. It was so amazing. Also so nice to have fish over burgers for once. Savre and her family and so welcoming and relaxed. It is nice to put my feet up in the AC and watch a movie. Ahhhh...  

  Mike is passed out because he was given Benadryl for an achy chest. He's probably just nervous about leaving my side ;)  

 Not to worry I will see him in Denver on Friday for the Rockies game, then we will part ways for the rest of the trip and I'll see him in New York!  

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