Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 7: All Gatorade flavors are good

  Daily Mileage: 80.8
  Total Mileage: 431.5
  Daily Time: 7:17:37
  Total Time: 39:43:08
  Top Speed: 40.0

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 I made a playlist on Spotify titled "MSquared Velo" (duh) that I would love for everyone to add a few songs to. Please try to add something you think I don't know but will enjoy. You can add songs whether you have a premium account or not. Thanks!!

 Saturday was not just an amazing off day, but a much needed one. It turned out to be just the rest I needed for my knee to recuperate to 90%. We all also went to the "Red, Wine & Beer" festival just outside of The Nationals Park. I really don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy day drinking, especially at a festival dedicated to serving unlimited craft beer and wine from 1-4. Even Teddy Roosevelt was getting freaky!
I passed out early after the day drinking in part because I was toast, but also to be prepared for todays ride. Leaving DC was my chance to see the sites (quickly). Last time I was in DC was when I was really young so the refresher was nice.
Great picture I wish I saved before added this lame caption
 I crossed the bridge directly behind the Lincoln Memorial and BOOM, I entered Virginia; my 5th state! I quickly jumped on The Washington & Old Dominion Trail for all 45 miles of it. Any bike trail is great and all local bicyclist love them, but I actually get bored of these specifically on this trip because the sites are extremely minimal. Usually the views are just the trail and the trees that surround it. Today was fun though because I rode with several groups of riders who slowed down and engaged in conversations with me about my trip. Something like, "Where you headed?" "Oregon!" "Oregon, NO F@#KING WAY!"
One group jealous of my adventures... Note the views
  I stopped for lunch at a deli right on the trail and got a $6 pulled pork sandwich and so far the best coke in a glass I have ever had. Shortly after lunch, I found shade under a tree and took a 1 pm nap. The rest of the day I rode off the W&OD back on the roads to my next campsite. On the way I past several signs talking about that locations importance in the Civil War. Pretty crazy to think people marched all over these lands and died right here for our civil rights. I should stop complaining about the hills when I have a bicycle and pavement to my advantage... Compared to worn shoes and the prospect of being shot at.
I spotted, what I could tell would the last 7/11 or similar in the area and grabbed my 10th 28 oz Gatorade. This time I went with Citrus Cooler. The name is an actual flavor! Not something like Glacier Freeze or whatever. Every convenient store I enter there is a new Gatorade flavor to try and I am currently in the position to say, every Gatorade flavor is fucking delicious. Of course it's the biking and dire need for sugar and electrolytes, but trust me they are all good.... Actually yellow sucks. It always leaves you with that "echhhhhhhh" sensation in the back of your throat. I digress... Finally I reached the Park and ended up riding around in circles for a while looking for the actual campsite. I ended up running into a very friendly ranger who pointed me in the right direction. 
Where the hell am I?
  This is the most secluded campsite I have stayed at so far. The toilet is a literal hole in the ground. I don't think there is any plumbing out here so hopefully I can make what little water I have left last. I used a good 12 ozs of water to make pasta and gravy sauce, which was well worth it, but this means tomorrow morning I'll have to skip the oats and coffee and go with a peanut butter wrap and some mixed nuts. Mouth watering, right?