Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 12: Happy Birthday Livi!

Daily Mileage: 56.5
Total Mileage: 703.7
Daily Time: 5:18:42 
Total Time: 2 days 18:38:56  

  Snapchat @MsquaredYE Day 12  


 Stealth camping was pretty successful until a freight train rolled past at 3am. That lasted about 5 minutes. When that noise abated I heard laughter and what sounded like people shooting a basketball. At 3 in the morning though? Yeah, that's exactly what it was. Furthermore, everything was damp. The tent was dripping and my sleeping bag was moist.


 I slowly packed my tent, slowly made my way to the parks bathroom, slowly brushed my teeth, slowly ate breakfast, slowly filled my water bottles, slowly changed clothes and slowly got on my bike for day 12. I was on the road at 5am, the earliest start to date. I donned my headlamp and backlight as sunset wasn't for another hour.

 Cruising down the side streets, I was greeted by deer upon deer upon deer. I even rode with two fawns for a few minutes as they ran parallel to a fence they could not jump over. Then I saw two neon dots staring at me in the middle of the road. As I got closer I could see that it was a possum (or something similar) and he was not moving. I feel comfortable in daylight, but without sunshine to light my surrounds I feel vulnerable. I let the possum win that game of chicken because I didn't want his buddies tailing me and jumping me at my next stop. I felt a shiver down my spine as I rode past.

The rest of the way was backstreets on the Transam to Blacksburg, VA where I would stay with the next Lakatos hookup #LovetheLakatos. Due to my early rise, I arrived at the Halkidis' house completing all 56.5 miles just after noon.

I was welcomed by 2 of 4 dogs in the driveway until I lugged Jasper up to the garage where I met Georgia, my cousin Sarah Bailey's friend. Right off the bat she was super friendly and very welcoming, not unlike the rest of her family. After showing me my room, I met her sister Meghan and was then offered their entire pantry and fridge for lunch. I started off with a few freshly baked cookies made by Georgia, some watermelon slices (is there anything more refreshing), and a few slices of pizza. There was also birthday cake to celebrate Georgia and Meghan's sweet 16! Happy birthday to them! Finally I met the youngest sister, Agavi who was just waking up and we shared a nice conversation over a bowl of cereal.   

 When Carrie (mom) showed up she was all smiles and very excited to meet me. The women of this home have already made me feel so welcome and at home I am starting to think I don't want to leave tomorrow morning. Shortly after Carrie got home, the girls all left to go enjoy a long weekend at "the lake" leaving me with the place to myself.  

 It was all relaxation for the next few hours until the boys got home. In the mean time I watched Dumb and Dumber, played the Taylor guitar sitting in the corner of the TV room for about two hours, and had two beers.

 Finally Isaak and Greyson got home. Isaak, a soon to be senior in high school, and Greyson, a soon to be sophomore at Virginia Tech.  They are both smart guys and a lot of fun. With the girls gone... Guys night out!!

 We went out for some delicious Mexican. I also got a giant frozen marg... Ok that might be more refreshing than watermelon. Then they accompanied me to a little grocery shopping consisting of trail mix, canned soup, beef jerky and a magic box of Cliff bars.  

 When we got back home we shared a few beers, laughs, watched a movie and even got on the VTech snap chat!

It was a really great afternoon off with such a gracious and loving family. I hope I get the pleasure of seeing the Halkidis' again.   

 PS. Isaak just made me a smoothie, three mini bagel, egg and cheese sandwiches and pancakes... And now I'm having more leftover pizza. I might make it 10 miles away from this house and turn right around.  

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