Friday, May 20, 2016

One Month Away!


It's crunch time and the fact that I'm going to be traveling across the country is really starting to settle in. I now have everything I need for the trip and next weekend I will be riding out to East Hampton as a trial run where friends have rented a house for Memorial Day weekend. This means packing everything on Amelia, setting up camp in the backyard and cooking breakfast and dinner on my stove. I'm thinking oats, peanut butter sandwich and instant coffee for breakfast and pasta and jerky for dinner. Just about as good a chef as I am with a fully stocked kitchen in my apartment so it's really just a matter of using new hardware.

I can't lie, I am in a bit of freak out mode. It's hard to know if I really have everything until I make this trip. I know I will settle down after the trial run, but the anticipation is real. I think the main cause of my anxiety could be stemming from the fact that my girlfriend and I will be skydiving that weekend. Last week I was laying in bed thinking, in six weeks I'll be staring at the stars somewhere Virginia. Oh baby! Then it dawned on me, oh shit I have to jump out of a plane first!

I'm pretty confident about the jump, but actually imagining myself leaning out the door of airplane looking down at the miniature houses and cars did turn my stomach. I am avoiding any news headlines that have 'parachute' and 'fail' in the title.

In other news, my friend at work brought this new device to my attention.

And I thought it would end at the Eliptigo...

She's saving at least an hour with that time trial helmet
But I can see now that there is no end in sight. Why just pedal with your feet when you can pedal with your hands too?

That chain ring is uncomfortably close to your face

Soon enough we will be spinning our way to work.

Ok... I give up.

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