Saturday, July 30, 2016

Day 40 & 41: Smoke 'em if ya got 'em

Leoti, KS to Eads, CO to Ordway, CO  

  2 Day Mileage: 79.6 + 62.3 = 141.9  
  Total Mileage: 2,573.3  
  Day 40 Average MPH: 15.6  
  Day 40 Elevation: 1,208 ft  
  Day 41 Average MPH: 11.2  
  Day 41 Elevation: 725 ft  

  MSquared Velo Snapchat Day 40
  MSquared Velo Snapchat Day 41  

 The carnival was fun-ish... Not more fun or different than the May Fair back in New Canaan, CT besides receiving a free burger and beans dinner and the rides being $0.25... And of course ice cream.

On Mike and my walk back home we picked up eggs, bacon and cheese to cook for the morning. It was fabulous and as I always say, it kicks off the day with energy on a full stomach.  

So contrary to my words on my last post regarding Mike and my plans, we felt the tail winds and before we took off decided to ride to  Eads which is 80 miles away. Rather than riding an 88 mile day to Ordway tomorrow.

 Well the winds were certainly kicking. On an overcast day it made the first few hours of the ride chilly. Especially when the few rain showers passed through. But I won't complain too much. It was a nice change of pace and a refreshing cool down to the beating sun.

 Not to mention, you can't complain with all these tails winds. Everyone has made a comment about hitting the head winds going West in Kansas, but this is the opposite. Mike and I were averaging well over 16 MPH and LOVING IT!

 We breezed into Mountain time zone and only a few miles later into Colorful Colorado.  

As I mentioned on Facebook and Instagram, this is the commencement of the second half of my trip. Literally, but also mentally. I have been so excited to reach Colorado and now it's finally here!!!   

Mike and I stopped at the "first" town in Colorado and had a delicious Italian sub. As we took off, Mike noticed his tire was a little flat. It went a little limp a day earlier so he (we) made the decision, change the tube. It was Mike's first time doing it so I was there for mental support and guidance. I changed a tube once for practice, then ended up changing another because of an actual flat before leaving for this trip.  

It wasn't the worst place to stop. We were right on an old railroad with a cooling breeze blowing the corn and grasshoppers around in the background. 


Being in Colorado, but still looking like Kansas, it made me think of Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd drives the wrong way into Arizona instead of Colorado and doesn't realize how flat it is until many, many miles later. So naturally...

So Mike successfully and painlessly changed his first tube! 

We cruised right on into Eads, CO with the tailwinds still at our back. That's when I realized, oh I really am at the halfway point!

Ok, so not really. The Transam starts on the coast of Virginia whereas I started in NYC. Also I added miles to Nashville and Wichita, so I am well past halfway and also ahead of schedule!

Mike and I made camp in Eads Park and broke out our stoves for the first time in a while. We shared a few beers and a milkshake while the Mets game wound down and noticed, we're cold! Excellent news. Our tents wouldn't be so damn hot and we could get a good nights sleep.


It was chilly and windy. We slept great! 

That wind though... Please being going west to east.

No such luck. The headwinds were bad on Day 41. Mike and I could not be happier we made up the miles yesterday when we had the tailwinds. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!

Seriously though the headwinds were rough. Now I finally get what everyone was talking about. Compared to our 16 MPH pace yesterday, I was struggling to get above 10. After an hour of riding I looked at my mileage and it only said 9 miles... Oh man that was depressing. 

Even getting to the next town at 20 miles took 2 hours whereas yesterday we would have eaten and been 32 miles out by then. Oh well... Head down and dig through!

The rest of the ride was a little bit more hilly, but not as beautiful as Kansas. So on through to Ordway!

I rolled in ahead of Mike to another town fair! As I was texting Mike to tell him I was here, I was approached by a woman who asked me where I was staying. I said, Gillian's, and she said, "Nice to meet ya!"

She directed me to her house which is gorgeous. There was already three people hanging out and Gillian told me another father son couple from Australlian was arriving later. She also mentioned she hosted 17 cyclist a few days ago. So awesome.

She"s got a ram, turkeys, horses and 4 of Jon Snow's Direwolf.

I love that all she asks from us cyclist is 15 minutes of light labor. She had Mike and I digging out some posts, so she can relocate them to grow grapes!

Before Mike and I went out to dinner for an amazing local meal with some great locals, Gillian showed us her little boats and I got a free lesson on sailing.

This baby spins with the wind!
I hope I don't skimp over Gillian's house. It is late and I am tired, but she is an amazing woman. She delivers Mail on Saturday's, works with the town ambulance and gives sailing lessons to anyone willing to learn. Let's not forget her top notch hosting ability.

Off to Pueblo tomorrow. Where the real Colorado starts. Cannot wait.

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