Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 36: Fly Away, Ryan!

Wichita, KS to Hutchinson, KS

Daily Mileage: 64  
Total Mileage: 2,205  
Daily ride time: 4:38:03
Total ride time: 7 days 19:57:14  

  MSquared Velo Snapchat Day 36  

 We shared our final meal together in Barry and Nancy Carroll's dining room watching I, Robot (so dumb) through the doorway to the living room, expressed our best wishes for a goodnights sleep, and went to bed.  

 Ryan was up early to go to a bike shop (at which he got half-off a bib and a free jersey, nobody is surprised) so Mike and I enjoyed breakfast in the company of Nancy. Another great spread of eggs, bacon and the neighbor's homemade cinnabons. Probably the best I ever had.  

 Barry was also up and out early so we didn't get to say a proper goodbye, but I think he knows how wonderful he and Nancy made our stay and how much we appreciate it.  

  Mike and I made sure Ryan was full of water and had all his snacks prepped for his 80 miles ride. We then hugged and said our farewells. Or better to say we said, "See you later."

 Until we realized we could ride two blocks together one last time before Ryan went South and Mike and I went North toward Newton and ultimately Hutchinson.  

 No amount of cliché's would be appropriate for Ryan's farewell. Instead we sung goodbye to Ryan as he turned left and we right.    

Ryan sings "bye"
    Mike and I were going to head northwest back onto the Transam but were told by Al Bundy (first tourer I met on day 2 snacking on the side of the road) via Strava to check out Newton Bike Shop. Nancy agreed and said it is the Mecca of Transam Bike Shops and we can sign their wall! Sweet, we're in!   

  So we made the easy 24 mile, no hills, trip directly North of Wichita. Of course, they are closed for two weeks or so for renovation. So I slipped my sticker in their mailbox with a note on the back saying I was sorry to miss them but to slap this on the wall for me.  

  The rest of the day was incredible! This was the typical Kansas scene I picture in my head. Corn on the left, corn on the right, straight line of road forever, and a million clouds. It was beautiful!  

  One of the reason this day was so incredible was because our total elevation for the day was 537 feet in 64 miles! It's like riding down the Hudson River back in NYC! Haha!   To give you prespective, a typical day of riding has been anywhere from 2,500 to 4,500 feet of climbing. An extreme day is over 5,000 feet. That is almost a mile going straight up! So 537 is so flat and so nice on the legs.

   The second reason was that I don't think the temperature went over 82 today. And with all that cloud cover and low humidity... You could just about say it was a cool day to ride.  

 The third and final reason being: Mike found a number for a bicyclist only hostel in Hutchinson at lunch. The Zion Luteran Church. There is nothing better than knowing at the very least you will have a roof over your head and running water for the morning.  

  Upon arrival we found two beds (perfect), 5 fridges full of mostly dessert which included plenty of vanilla ice cream (YAS), a shower (ahhhh), AC (OH BABY), fresh coffee ready to be made (GEWWW) and a piano for Mike to jam out on (WOOOOO). Need I say more?

   Above my bed I noticed there were many notes from past cyclist labeled either E -> W or W -> E. Of course I read all the east to west notes and got some great info on the upcoming towns on the Transam. What hostels to seek out, warm showers hosts to contact and a few camp grounds in Colorado that are too beautiful to pass up.  

Don't worry, there were clean bed sheets for use
    The only reason this day isn't perfect is because we just said bye to Ryan. But the Swallow must continue it's migration, and I couldn't be happier to be apart of it.  

Ryan's tats

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