Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day 5: Downhill Chubbies

Daily Milage: 86.0
Total Mileage: 350.7
Daily Ride Time: 7:30:57
Total Ride Time: 32:25:31
Top Speed: 37.8 MPH

The end of day 4 was an incredibly fun time. There is nothing quite like seeing family and loved ones. I was able to catch up with my cousin, Monica, and reminisce about the times when we were kids. Now shes pregnant!!! It is crazy how fast life moves and it's one of the reasons I am taking this trip now.

Her husband Dillon and I enjoyed beers on their pond while she sipped sparkling cider from a wine glass. After sharing laughs and taking a relaxing float, we moved the party back up to the front yard for some corn hole! Dillon's dad, Mark, might be semi-pro is his spare time... He and Monica didn't even give Dillon and I a chance.

Finally we had dinner. Monica wanted to treat me right in Maryland and got crab cakes. These were by far the best crab cakes I have ever had in my life. All crab no filler. Topped with Mary Pat's potatoes and zucchini/mushroom/cheese medley, it was a mouth watering dinner to which I had seconds.

Most of all the dinner was filled with great stories and laughs. If I meet a family half as great as the Sullivan's then my trip is going to be even better than I could have ever imaged. Thank you so much to the Sullivan's for letting me spend the night and eat all their food!


Day 5 is an 85 mile ride to Washington DC to stay with my roommate, Chris' brother, Jack Collins. As a matter of fact both my roommates, Chris and Dan, made the trip down to kill three bird with one stone: seeing Jack, me and The Capitol.

The ride down to DC was a blast! As you may know, instead of DC standing for District of Columbia, I renamed in Downhill Chubby. There is no way I would have made this ride if it was anything like day 3, but with all those downhills it was an easy ride. The only downside is that now I'm at 100 feet and that only means I have to go right back up on Sunday.

The only hiccup came when I was stopped at road construction. When I went to clip my shoe back into the pedal it slipped and I scrapped my shin on the pedal. You know that immediate pain when all you want to do is scream every swear word you know, then have a good cry, then call your mom and have her remind you how great you are? Well that's how that felt except I somehow refrained from all those things. It actually made me hate all the constructions workers for making me stop in the first place... like it was really their fault. The blood flowed immediately, but the pain fleeted and I pulled over and bandaged the wound. It's a pretty deep gash, but it will heal.

When I finally arrived at Jack's he grilled hot dogs, sausages and burgers and I ate them all faster than you can say downhill chubby. When Chris and Dan arrived we headed out for some bars. By far the coolest bar I have ever been to had a 9 hole mini golf course in it. I came in last... My tolerance is shot. I was feeling very tipsy after only 5 or so drinks.

Day 6 is my rest day and I say it's well deserved. 350 miles in 5 days while towing 60 lbs of luggage has worn me out. We are going to a craft beer and BBQ festival so stay tuned for the snapchats! If I can get yesterday's story to load you can find it where it always will be...


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